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Art From The Heart

Welcome to my online art gallery. Enjoy a nostalgic tour through my personal creations and if you like what you see, feel free to place an order! My prints come framed, and in three convenient sizes for that special space on your wall. These hand drawn creations are offered for unbeatable prices and new, original artwork is stocked on the regular. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Hit me up.

Thanks and stay cool! 

Long Story Short

The only positive about the pandemic of 2020, is the time it gave me to invest in my artistic side. Art became my therapy and although initially my intentions were to create visuals that will always keep me smiling, I founded MonaLia with one goal in mind, sharing is caring. What I am rewarded with most, is the influence I have to inspire other creatives with my art while also sharing free love through appreciation of key pillars of black culture and 90’s nostalgia. All my artwork begins as a compilation of ideas that travels to a canvas through pencils and paints, then transferred to a glossy, framed poster with love embedded in its packaging. Every MonaLia production is a representation of of relatable memory and a meaningful message. I am grateful for the opportunity to showcase my passion and strive to continue providing enjoyable experiences through my art. Positive reception and encouragement, has driven me to turn my passion into a strength and continues to drive me into the future. Just wait, more is in store! 

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